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Charles L. Whitfield MD is a pioneer in trauma recovery, including the way we remember childhood and other trauma and abuse. A physician and front line therapist who assists trauma survivors in their healing, he is  the author of fifty published articles and ten best-selling books on trauma psychology and recovery; three of these books have been translated and published in ten foreign languages.


Since 1995 he has been voted by his peers as being one of the best doctors in America. For over twenty-three years he has taught at Rutgers University's Institute on Alcohol and Drug Studies. He has been a consultant and research collaborator at the CDC for since 1998. He has a private practice in Atlanta, Ga, where he provides  individual and group therapy for trauma survivors and people with addictions and other problems in living.

Member of the Leadership Council
This is an expert and dedicated group of professionals who work in the field of childhood and other trauma related effects, especially regarding mental health. This is a useful and informative website, including for the area of recovered memory of trauma.

Outpatient Treatment for Difficulty Stopping Psychiatric Drugs