Biography - Charles L. Whitfield, MD

Charles Whitfield has written over 50 published articles and 9 published books. His books include:



Healing the Child Within (1987)

1.5 million

A Gift to Myself (1991)


Codependence: Healing the Human Condition (1992)


Boundaries and Relationships (1993)


Memory and Abuse (1995)


Misinformation Concerning Child Sexual Abuse* (2002)


The Truth about Depression (2003)

Newly Released

My Recovery: A Personal Plan for Healing (2003)

Newly Released

The Truth about Mental Illness (2004)

Newly Released

Dr. Whitfield is a physician and psychotherapist, specializing in working with people with addictions and adults who have been traumatized as children. He has a private practice in Atlanta, Georgia.

He is a consultant at the CDC, and was a faculty member at the Rutgers University Summer program for 23 years.

He is on the editoral boards of several professional journals and since 1993 has been voted by his peers as being one of the Best Doctors in America.

He has appeared on several national TV shows as a guest expert, including : Leeza, Sally, Sonya Live and others.

*Co-edited with Joy Silberg and Paul J Fink, published by Haworth Press (607)-722-5857. Click here for Haworth Press Book Page.

All other Titles are from Health Communications.